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The Bob Hope Legacy Reading Program fulfills an aching need for the on-duty parent, too. Like the brand-new dad en route to Iraq who stopped at a USO center after two days in transit without sleep. Never mind a shower, never mind a snack, he immediately headed for the Bob Hope Legacy Reading room to record a story for his infant son. USO Guam have a supply of books that kids love.

For more than six decades - from World War II through Vietnam to the Gulf War – Bob Hope traveled the world, visiting remote outposts and isolated battleships to put on USO shows to support our nation’s service members and their families. His passion and commitment for helping keep troops and families stay connected from halfway around the globe lives on today.

The Bob Hope Legacy is proud to partner with the USO to create the Bob Hope Legacy Reading Program. In the spirit of Bob Hope and his dedication for bringing military families together, the program is largely driven by virtual, on-demand story time offerings that will help the USO extend its reach and connect an estimated 23,000 military families around the globe through reading this year.

Bath time is over and kids are in their pajamas waiting for a bedtime story with dad. There is no squirming as Dad’s calm voice reads a favorite Dr. Seuss book aloud. When he’s done, they replay the DVD recording and watch him again. This is the power of the Bob Hope Legacy Reading Program.

When a parent is deployed the USO Guam and The Bob Hope Legacy Reading Program help families stay connected through reading. Parents can visit a USO Center to read a children’s book aloud while being recorded. The DVD recording, the book and simple instructions are sent back home to the deployed service member’s family for free!

Families play the recording at bedtime, story time or anytime. They will watch it over and over again, memorizing every word of the story and soaking up every gesture from mom or dad. Parents or caregivers at home often photograph or record their children’s reaction, which they send back to the deployed parent to share the impact and complete the circle of communication.

“We recently went to Qatar for a four-day pass and used your USO facilities. The staff was wonderful and ensured that the books and video made it to our children. Our girls enjoyed the DVD so much they brought it to school and both classes watched it!” For young children, the DVD recordings helps them remember what a parent looks like during a long deployment. “A child has a hard time understanding that mom or dad is okay from an e-mail or a letter,” a Marine chaplain told us. “A video image reassures the child that his or her parent is doing well.”

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