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With plenty of entertainment options throughout the year, make sure to check with the USO the next time someone says, “I’m bored!”

From parties celebrating summer and free concerts, to Movies in the Park and karaoke night – and lots in between – the USO Guam has got you covered. The best part? Most of these events are meant for the whole family to enjoy!

For those away from home or with no kids in the mix, look for sports challenges, card tournaments and board game nights –including kid-friendly games – to stoke the flames of competition. Many of the sports challenges come with bragging rights for the winners, as well as prizes. So what are you waiting for? Find a USO in your area and find some fun!

Upcoming Events

  1. Master Chef Cooking Class: RED RICE & CHICKEN KELAGUEN 

    USO Andersen

    Top Of The Rock, Andersen Air Force Base

    Want to learn how to cook a delicious, local dish that’s always a hit at fiestas? In honor of Mes Chamoru, we will be featuring RED RICE & CHICKEN KELAGUEN - for our next Master Chef Cooking Class. You won’t want to miss the food and fun taking …

    Mar 27th, 2019 4:30 PM ChST (1630K)

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