Operation Birthday Cake

TOP SECRET MISSION: Surprise your loved one with a cake for a birthday, anniversary, promotion, or other special occasion through our Operation Birthday cake program. We will even set-up delivery and take pictures!

REQUIREMENTS: Requestor must be off-island at the time of the request. Cake recipient must be stationed in, or TDY/TAD to Guam. This program is for service members only. Request must be made at least two-weeks in advance to allow for coordination.

Click here to submit your request: http://bit.ly/1X7Xq6T

Birthdays aren’t supposed to be stressful. But when you’re separated by the world’s largest ocean and a dozen time zones, nothing is easy.

Luckily families with loved ones serving in the Pacific don’t have to figure out the closest bakery to base, or if that bakery can translate their message or even deliver the cake. All they have to do is contact the USO and ask about Operation Birthday Cake.

If you are interested in sending a cake to a loved one stationed in or deployed to Guam, please email USO Guam Programs Manager Edmund Lebita at elebita@uso.org

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