Matson - Guam Area Silver Sponsor

Matson, Inc. is a U.S. transportation services company headquartered in Honolulu, Hawaii. The company is listed on the NYSE under the ticker symbol “MATX.” A leader in Pacific shipping since 1882, subsidiary Matson Navigation Company, Inc. offers comprehensive ocean transportation services providing a vital lifeline to the economies of Hawaii, Alaska, Guam, Micronesia and islands in the South Pacific. Subsidiary Matson Terminals, Inc. provides container maintenance, stevedoring and other terminal services supporting Matson’s ocean shipping operations in Hawaii and Alaska. Matson also has 35 percent ownership in SSA Terminals, LLC, a joint venture with a subsidiary of Carrix, Inc., which provides terminal and stevedoring services to various carriers at seven terminal facilities on the U.S. West Coast and to Matson at three of those facilities (Long Beach and Oakland, California and Seattle, Washington). Subsidiary Matson Logistics, Inc. extends the company’s transportation network reach, offering customers throughout North America domestic and international rail intermodal service, long haul and regional highway brokerage, supply chain services and less-than-truck-load (LTL) transportation services, as well as third-party logistics services that include warehousing, distribution, less-than-container-load (LCL) consolidation and international freight forwarding. Source: