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Updated September 2023

ACCESS TO USO GUAM CENTERS: Military ID is required to access USO Guam centers. We welcome military service members (Active, Guard, and Reserve) and their dependent family members. Military retirees and their dependents are also welcome on a space-available basis.

  1. The Primary Point of Contact and Secondary Point of Contact will be the parties responsible for requesting facility use, ensuring all participants abide by USO Guam policies, and ensuring the area is completely clean after use. The Primary Point of Contact and Secondary Point of Contact will be responsible for coordinating installation access as required for any requests at USO centers located on Andersen Air Force Base and U.S. Naval Base Guam. USO will not be responsible for requesting access or escorting individuals onto military installations. The Primary Point of Contact and Secondary Point of Contact will be held responsible for replacing any damaged, lost, or stolen equipment, furniture, or plants. The Primary Point of Contact must be at least 18 years old and possess a valid Active Duty, National Guard, Reserve, or Service Member Dependent military ID card.

  2. USO Guam centers are provided for the comfort and convenience of all military service members - Active, Reserve, and Guard - and their dependent family members. We must prioritize limited space and resources at our center to support these primary constituents. However, at the discretion of the Area Director and Center Manager, military retirees and their family members may also visit USO Guam centers on a space-available basis, depending on operational requirements.

  3. USO Guam center guest policies will be enforced for all functions and are subject to Area Director and Center Manager approval. All guests must present a valid military ID for entry and must be at least 18 years old unless accompanied by a parent (or legal guardian with documentation) at all times. Guests are liable for replacing any equipment or furniture they damage or misplace.

  4. USO Guam is honored to host special functions such as military swearing-in ceremonies, re-enlistment ceremonies, and retirement ceremonies during non-operational hours. The Primary Point of Contact and Secondary Point of Contact may request special consideration from USO Guam to grant USO center access to close family members who are non-military ID cardholders for these special functions. Requests are not guaranteed and will be considered on a case-by-case basis. If special access is granted, the Primary Point of Contact and Secondary Point of Contact must provide a full list of attendees to USO staff in advance and ensure their guests adhere to a specific timeframe for access and use of the center.

  5. We love our military children, and they are welcome in the USO! For their safety, minors under 18 must always be accompanied by a parent (or legal guardian with documentation). Babysitting by anyone other than a parent is not permitted on USO premises. Active play must take place in the family room, and a parent must be present. All other areas of the USO are considered “quiet areas.” Parents/legal guardians must directly supervise/maintain line of sight overview of minors at all times. Minors are not permitted in a separate room from parents/legal guardians – including use of the family room. Supervision of minors includes ensuring no shouting, loud play, jumping or running, eating in non-food areas, disregarding staff/volunteer guidance, improper use of furniture, etc. USO reserves the right to request any families with unmonitored or misbehaving minors to depart the center.

  6. Alcohol, tobacco products, vapes, illegal drugs, and weapons are strictly prohibited in USO Guam centers. Only military law enforcement officers on OFFICIAL DUTY may carry their duty weapon while visiting USO Guam centers on official business.

  7. Guests may not sell products or services in USO Guam centers and are prohibited from advertising or promoting any products or services for sale.

  8. Appropriate clothing and footwear must be worn at all times; nothing deemed too revealing, explicit, or containing profane or offensive messages will be allowed.

  9. Respectful language and conduct are expected at all times. USO Guam will not tolerate any form of violence, harassment, act of aggression, or horseplay.

  10. All guests are expected to clean up after themselves and properly dispose of garbage. Food and beverages should also be kept on the dining tables and should never be around computers and massage chairs.

  11. All borrowed items (gaming equipment, headphones, chargers, etc.) must be returned to the USO Guam center you are visiting.

  12. USO Guam centers are honored to welcome your special event. USO Guam provides food/drinks/decor for official USO events only. We ask that you please plan to provide the food/snacks/drinks for your special events.

  13. This reservation may be subject to cancellation should an urgent need arise (i.e., high traffic from military movements or exercises). You will receive prior notification from a staff member if this happens.

Please direct any questions or concerns to the USO Guam Area Office at or Facebook/Instagram @USOGuam.

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