30th Naval Construction Regiment Celebrates 80th Seabee Birthday

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Happy 80th Birthday, Seabees! Service members assigned to 30th Naval Construction Regiment celebrated this milestone event with the help of USO Naval Base Guam staff and volunteers at an expeditionary training site.

Captain Lance M. Flood, Commodore 30th Naval Construction Regiment (30th NCR) and CMDCM Allen D. Johnson welcomed the group to the worksite speaking about the strong working relationship between USO NBG and 30th NCR and expressed their thanks for the tremendous support provided to Seabees on Guam and our neighboring islands.

YN1 Mark Hollomon took USO representatives on a tour of the training site developed to maintain warfighter readiness in the Indo-Pacific area of operations.

YN1 Hollomon then read the Civil Engineer Corps 155th (2 March), and Seabees 80th (5 March) Birthday message from Rear Admiral John Korka.

The first Seabee units were authorized on Jan. 5, 1942, and official authorization of the Seabee name and insignia occurred on March 5, 1942. Since then, for 80 years, the legacy of service remains unwavering, our nation’s premier engineering and combat force is ever ready to build and fight at a moment’s notice, wherever they are needed.

They play a crucial role in supporting the fleet and combatant commands while carrying out the Navy’s maritime strategy. Seabees also play an important role in sustaining global relationships. Seabees are forward deployed around the world to provide engineering and construction support while promoting regional stability and improving lives through engineering civic action projects in many countries. #BeTheForce Navy Expeditionary Combat Command NMCB 133’s Runnin’ Roos Naval Mobile Construction Battalion THREE

Photos courtesy of 30th Naval Construction Regiment

Special thanks to The Guam Daily Post for your tremendous support!

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