The Faces Behind the Forces: Jadine Lujan

Introducing you to our USO Andersen Family and first up is Jadine Lujan, Center Manager for USO Andersen.

Jadine is a native of Guam and was initially introduced to the military through stories of her father’s time spent in the U.S. Army. She was also enrolled in the Army ROTC program and relished learning about team work and leadership through its programs. Although she opted not to continue to pursue the path of a military officer, Jadine still strongly believes that every person has a responsibility and duty to contribute to the well-being of their community, island, and country, and it is evident in the service-infused life she leads.

Jadine has been employed with the USO for more than five years, having joined the USO in the Fall of 2013. Before joining the USO, Jadine served as the Volunteer Coordinator for Andersen Air Force Base through a contract with the Airman and Family Readiness Center. She jumped at the opportunity to pursue her greatest desire in life - to work in service to others and make a positive impact on the community. After her contract ended, she decided to test the waters and found an opportunity to work with USO Guam (now known as USO Tumon Bay). She immediately fell in love with the organization and was very excited to continue working with volunteers. Jadine spent about four years at USO Guam’s only center in Tumon Bay before accepting the Center Manager position in August 2016 and helping to open the new USO Andersen center a month later. She has not looked back since and proudly proclaims that “working at the USO is the perfect intersection of work and passion,” a statement she came across years ago that describes her love of what she does.

Jadine’s favorite thing about working for the USO, hands down, is working around people who inspire her. “I always say there’s nothing that inspires me more than working with a group of individuals who shares the same passion and dedication to service,” Jadine often tells others. “I truly believe we can do anything as a team.”

One of her most memorable moments of the USO was while she was working at USO Guam.

“In 2014, we received a phone call from someone in Japan, telling us a group of about 50 Marines were flying to Guam in a few hours and asking us to help support them and find them a place to sleep.“

Those 50 Marines were on their way to a deployment but had to flee Japan much early than anticipated due to an incoming typhoon. The USO Guam team immediately sprung into action, halting normal operations at the center to support and bed all the incoming Marines. Jadine’s role temporarily switched to that of a hotel manager as she enlisted sponsors and volunteers to help turn USO Guam into "Hotel USO” in a matter of hours. Her versatile abilities assisted her in making the Marines as safe and comfortable as possible, all while instantly connecting with every Marine that arrived at the center.

Jadine’s favorite USO program to-date is USO Andersen’s Birthday. As the Center Manager and USO lead for Andersen and the surrounding areas, she was empowered by watching USO Andersen’s incredible growth throughout the year. It was a year filled with enriching programs, and the center became part of the local and Andersen Air Force Base communities. She liked that USO Andersen’s Birthday was a chance to thank everyone for their endless support and really loved to see everyone in the community gather to celebrate all the accomplishments our entire team and supporters made possible.

When Jadine isn’t greeting people with a smile at USO Andersen, she likes to listen to podcasts and audiobooks, attend church, and spend time with her family. She credits her wife, Lauryn, with being her biggest fan and supporter in everything she dares to dream of. In all, Jadine’s inspiration and dedication to the USO has made her a friendly and welcoming Center Manager who inspires others to help be the “Force Behind the Forces.”

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