The Faces Behind The Forces: Kelvin Brantley

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MoTown Brantley with his family

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MoTown Brantley reading to children to celebrate Dr. Suess' birthday.

We are super excited to introduce to you our next volunteer! Mr. Kelvin Brantley, also known as MoTown, is an Air Force Retiree, Military Spouse, and family man who has been volunteering with us since July 2017. During his 20 years of active duty service, MoTown was deployed three times - twice to Iraq and once to Qatar - where he served as an Information Manager/Knowledge Operator. His wife, Shaundria (or “Shawn” for short), also serves our country as an Active Duty Air Force Master Sergeant in the 36th Logistics Readiness Squadron. MoTown, Shawn, and two of their beautiful daughters will be PCS’ing to Texas within the next few months. The Brantley family truly understands the struggles of being away from one another as a “mil to mil” family and through their experiences with numerous deployment clashes while raising their young daughters. This is one of the reasons that MoTown goes out of his way to support as many military homecomings as possible. “I’m honored to welcome others home to Guam, as unfortunately I was never able to be greeted home because my wife and I were always PCS’ing during different times,“ Motown emotionally shared.

MoTown’s experience with numerous USO centers around the world has been nothing short of extraordinary. One of his most notable USO memories was when he and his daughters were evacuated from their home in Incirlik Air Base, Turkey and were forced to quickly relocate to Germany. The USO at Ramstein Air Base helped his family feel safe and immediately provided them with international phone cards so they could contact their family stateside to let them know they made it out of Turkey safely. “This was the first time in being in the military where I felt helpless. I hate not being able to do something, but the USO was always there.” MoTown stated.

Shortly after arriving on Guam for his wife’s next assignment, MoTown decided to volunteer with our USO Guam family as a tribute to what the USO had done for his family and so that he could help others that may face similar challenges. "The USO’s are always there with open arms, no matter where I was and I always felt connected to home,” MoTown shared. “This was the perfect opportunity for me to give back to those serving our country.” His selflessness has helped many military service members and their families in the center and he has often sat down with them, offering support by listening to their problems or just laughing at their jokes. “Holidays are a rough time of year for all service members who are missing family or home, and I just want to let them know we are there for them.” His attitude towards guests and volunteers brightens everyone’s day and USO Andersen is thankful to have such a kind and understanding volunteer.

USO Andersen has thousands of memorable moments but one that was MoTown’s favorite was the NBA Boston Celtics game where he got to speak live on TV with one of the original Tuskegee Airmen. “I got a chance to meet him and continue the legacy of 332!” MoTown excitedly proclaimed in reference to the group of African-American military pilots who formed the 332nd Fighter Group and fought in World War II.

While volunteering takes up a couple days of his week, MoTown always makes time to take care of the home he helps provide for his wife and two children. One of his favorite things to do for them is to cook delicious dishes made with lots of love. Thanks to USO Andersen’s Master Chef Cooking Class, his recipe book has grown and he is able to introduce more diversity in the dishes he prepares for his family. “I like going home and being able to show my kids what I learned.” This program has helped him connect with his family in the comfort of his own home and he gets to pass on the knowledge that others have passed onto him.

There really is not much that this volunteer cannot do! MoTown is the owner, president and CEO of Moshawn Travel Agency & Flogistics Frieght Brokerage, and he also plays for the Guam Masters Basketball Team that recently won the gold medal in the New Zealand World Masters. When he volunteers at the center, he is also one of the first to help with BBQs that help boost service member morale, maintenance of our USO vehicle, and all projects that require a handyman and heavy lifting. MoTown is a “Jack of All Trades” for our USO and really means the world to us here. He and the entire Brantley family will be greatly missed.

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