USO Expeditionary Support

Always by Their Side -

The USO delivers support to service members stationed abroad who are training in isolated locations or on arduous missions in remote parts of the world. Through expeditionary outreach support – including care packages, snacks, holiday celebration items, and internet services provided throughout challenging deployments – we ensure service members stay connected to the people and places they love.

Dedicated team members at our USO Global HQ (Arlington, VA) and USO Indo-Pacific HQ (Okinawa, JP) lead USO Expeditionary Program support for service members in the Guam/Micronesia region.


Critical Essentials in the Moment of Need
The USO Care Package Program provides service members with essential snack and toiletry items specifically designed to support them during deployment, during disaster response, and while in transit. When deploying, service members are often in situations or locations where they do not have access to snack foods or basic toiletry items.

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Unpack a Few Hours of Fun
USO Program in a Box is designed to bring some fun and relaxation to the people of the military who serve in remote and challenging environments where the USO does not have a brick-and-mortar center. The program consists of boxes with different themed group activities that rotate several times a year so service members can engage in new fun events.


Delivering the Support of the USO Anywhere
USO2GO is a program designed to bring the amenities and comforts of a USO Center to service members in remote locations that the USO cannot physically reach. Items such as electronic gaming equipment, sports equipment, board games, snacks, and personal care items are included. USO2GO continues to be the program most requested directly from the field, helping our deployed service members relax and recharge. When they see the arrival of a USO2GO delivery, they feel appreciated, understood and kept in mind. Our goal is to reach every person at every location where they are stationed or deployed.

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